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  PMXGmarket has designed digital marketing campaigns and branding for online radio stations, authors, chefs, fitness coaches, musicians and more!            


Yes! She’s always professional.”

              - Kandi M.,  - Shebakes, CEO



 "Genuine support and weekly updates on my business.

              Pmxg has conversations they are not just all talk.              I am a client for life"

- Dr. FD Guyton



"Thank you to PMXG Market for the work they did as my exclusive marketing firm for the debut and launch of my novel, We Made Plans.
They created and managed my website. They set up and maintained all of my social media posts and were instrumental in securing the marketing supplies needed to get started. It was a relief and pleasure to work with PMXG so that I could focus on other things.

Thanks to “Get Published Successfully” for the referral to PMXG".

  "Loved working with PMxGmarket they truly bring

it all together!

  I worked with Phyllis. She is amazing and has a very unique way of building entrepreneurs and making

     those connections you need to help drive your business! She is very positive and always professional!

     Thanks PMxGmarket, and thanks Phyllis!

- Brittney Iwegbu

Thank you for your business!

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